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Historians for Britain

Historians for Britain is a campaign headed by some of Britain’s leading historians and academics who believe there needs to be a substantial change in Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Via new research, speeches and seminars along with letters to the media we aim to inform the debate about Britain’s EU membership, highlight some of the problems that exist today and suggest solutions for today’s politicians and decision makers. Our research looks at the historical myths that surround the EU and look at Britain’s troubled history with the Union. Our reports have exposed how former political leaders failed to tell the public about the consequences of EU membership while our letters make the national news.

Dozens of Britain’s leading historians have already joined our campaign for a fairer, better relationship between Britain and the EU and an In/Out referendum. If you would like to join us then please sign up.



Historians for Britain was inspired by a group of historians who signed a letter to The Times in 2013 calling for a renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the EU. Below are the historians who signed that letter and historians who have subsequently said that they support the campaign for a better deal between Britain and the EU

Professor David Abulafia*, University of Cambridge
Doctor Anna Abulafia, University of Oxford
Professor John Charmley, University of East Anglia
Professor Jonathan Clark*, University of Kansas
Doctor Bruce Coleman*, University of Exeter
Doctor Robert Crowcroft, University of Edinburgh
John Davie*, University of Oxford
Evelyn Farr
Doctor Andrew Fear*, University of Manchester
Doctor Amanda Foreman
Professor Tom Gallagher*, University of Bradford
Professor William Gibson*, Oxford Brookes University
Richard Goldsbrough*
Doctor Abigail Green*, University of Oxford
Professor Shaun Gregory, University of Durham
Doctor Owen Hartley, University of Leeds
Doctor Rebecca Haynes*, University College London
James Holland
Doctor Robert Hutchinson
Doctor Han Rog Kang, University of Oxford
Doctor Sheila Lawlor, Director, Politeia
John Lee*
Celia Lee*
Tim Newark*
Professor Gwythian Prins*, London School of Economics
Professor A.W. Purdue*
Professor Martyn Rady*, University College London
Doctor Richard Rex, University of Cambridge
Doctor Andrew Roberts*
Doctor Lee Rotherham*
Professor Guy Rowlands*, University of St Andrews
Professor Nigel Saul*, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Richard Shannon, University of Wales
Digby Smith*
Doctor Irina Somerton*, University of London
Doctor Andrew M Spencer*, University of Cambridge
Doctor David Starkey*, University of Cambridge
Doctor Graham Stewart
Professor Robert Tombs*, University of Cambridge
Miranda Vickers
Doctor Brian Young, University of Oxford
Count Adam Zamoyski*

*Following a vote of all supporters in February 2016, it was decided that Historians for Britain would sign a letter supporting the Vote Leave campaign for designation in the upcoming EU referendum.