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COURSES IN PALEOGRAPHY AND ARCHIVAL STUDIES WITH THE MEDICI ARCHIVE PROJECT: Winter Seminar in Paleography and Archival Studies 11th January – 16th January 2016

Winter Seminar in Paleography and Archival Studies

11th January – 16th January 2016

For the first time, the Medici Archive Project (MAP) will be offering a one-week intensive seminar on Italian palaeography and archival research. The principal aim of this seminar is to provide an introduction to Italian archives (with particular emphasis on Florentine archival collections); to examine in-depth various documentary typologies; to read diverse early modern scripts; and to learn how to plan research in Italian archives and libraries. Especially relevant for advanced graduate students studying Renaissance and early modern topics, this seminar is taught by a team of current and former MAP scholars, as well as university professors and other MAP-affiliated researchers.

Participating students will be taught at the Biblioteca Domenicana di Santa Maria Novella and the Archivio di Stato in Florence. A visit to a private archive is also planned. The seminar will run for one week, composed of twelve three-hour lessons held morning (9am-12pm ) and afternoon (3pm-6pm).

Prospective applicants should send a one-page CV and a brief statement explaining how this course will benefit one’s current research to by December 21, 2015. A working knowledge of Italian is required. Please note, as space is strictly limited, places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. This year, the Medici Archive Project is able to offer half-board accommodation at the Robert F. Kennedy International House ( close to the Archivio di Stato. Total cost for the course and a single room is $1625, for a shared room the cost is $1425, and for no accommodation, the basic course fee is $1000.

To download the course syllabus clichere.

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Online Paleography Course and Onsite Archival Studies Seminar

Application Materials (2015/2016)

The four-month course is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of archival research and paleographic studies. It will provide methodological skills to navigate early modern archives, as well as the cultural background necessary to appreciate the intricate social, historical and artistic context of early modern Italy.

The course is divided into 4 modules. The first three modules may be completed online, whereas the fourth module is an onsite seminar in Florence, Italy.

Module 1 will familiarize students with key methodological issues. In Module 2 students will be able to focus on broader themes relevant to the historical era of 1300-1700. During Module 3, each class will focus on specific areas of study in order to understand and create a clear connection between acquiring paleographic skills and making historical discoveries.

Students may choose to follow the online course with Module 4. The onsite seminar will allow students to work and study as part of of the academic community of the Medici Archive Project. During the two-week onsite seminar, participants will be able to put into practice the various research skills they have developed during the online course. This direct engagement with the texts, and the skills needed to interpret them, marks the culmination of the Medici Archive Project Online Paleography course and Onsite Archival Studies seminar.

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