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Global Humanities and the Global South. History, Politics, and Critical Theory

Global Humanities and the Global South. History, Politics, and Critical Theory

Bologna • June 27th – July 8th, 2016

The 2016 Summer school in Global studies and critical theory will focus on the historical dimension of the multiple “global souths” and their political and intellectual roots and will discuss the contribute of the current debate on the global south to the  methodological, conceptual and historical aspects of a global humanities project. Classes, seminars, public meetings and debates will draw their energy from the critical contributions of the Global south studies, but will also attempt to single out the traps of reification and ethnocentrism entailed in the very notion of a Global South. Teaching and research programs on global humanities have been criticized by postcolonial studies in the last decades because of their Eurocentric background. Against these Eurocentric narratives and conceptual framework, the notion of the global south has stood out as a political and scientific alternative. Although the idea of a global south has found a relatively recent popularization within academia, it is rooted in long-standing intellectual, political and institutional traditions.

Selected students will be asked to attend all plenary lectures and two morning coursesThey will also have to attend at least one afternoon class per week. Please, note that cap is 20 students per class and selected students must list their choices in order of preference when they register for afternoon classes.

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